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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cool Split Keyboard-Mouse!

Cool Mouse...or is it keyboard?

I had a hard enough time using the Natural Keyboard when it first came out. Imagine using this one now!

You use both hands to type, and on the right hand side, you can select some keys to function as mouse buttons when you're in mouse mode.

While this seems to be useful in reducing workplace fatigue by being more anatomically-minded, I find that having to switch between the mouse/keyboard modes is a pain in the butt.

The scroll wheel, however, is rather well placed, for my tastes. You operate the scroll wheel with the left thumb, and in my few hours of use, it proved to be a rather easy way of scrolling through documents while dividing up the workload between my left and right hands. My right-hand middle finger is now fully dedicated to the often-abused right "mouse button".

The design itself isn't bad, but I cannot escape the feeling that it seems more like a geek-oriented gizmo than a practical business appliance. We'll see if it works with the test of time.

If you really want to get one, visit


You can also see videos and more detailed explanations there.


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